Aims and Objectives


We, at the school, aim to
equip our students with
qualification, skills,
knowledge and attitude
which will enable them to
thrive in fast changing world.

The pupils of Bright Star Central Academy will have the following qualities deeply instilled in them.

1) Morals and Ethics :- An atmosphere of truthfulness, trust and care in spires students to be upright, righteous and sensitive that will help them in life.

2) Academic Distinction :- A dedicated, highly qualified staff and excellent teaching methods and facilities ensure that education and learning of the highest order takes place.

3) A whole some personality :- Carefully selected co – curricular and extra curricular activities combined with team games provide opportunities for the development of leadership qualities and an spirit - de - corps.

4) A Nationalistic out look:- A broad based education and direct involvement in social service activities makes students conscious of their duties as citizens and make them aware of their role in the task of national integration.

To inculcate these qualities in its students the school follows an integrated programme of personality development which is co coordinated by educationists.

The mission is to contribute to the national development effort by nurturing responsible, intelligent and committed citizens, who can make a meaningful contribution, towards making our country a proud country.

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