English Spoken class

Eng. spoken classes is specially arranged by language experts, to brush up the basic fundamentals and concepts of the students for speaking also as well as for the competitive exams.


The four wheeler ( Diesel) are in service for school bus on behalf of the parents bus facilities are under proposal.

Activities Educational Tour

Education tour (Historical, Scientific and tourist places ) are regularly concentrated by the school administration. With in two years different spots had been visualized by the students and the knowledge and experience are being shared among the students.

School CanteenProp

School Cycle StandProp

Pure Water FacilitiesProp

In the institution, under the hygienic point of view the facilities of pure water is maintained.

Fire Extinguisher FacilitiesProp

In our school fire extinguisher kits are available with the trained staff to fight against the fire.

Special Facilities

  • Orphans are allowed free – education and the expenses are expensed by ‘The Society’.
  • Staff Member’s children are allowed only to pay ¼ fees in the school.
  • Registered – religious server/ priests (like Pandit, Maulana, etc.) of any religion also get such ¼ fees facilities for their children.

Special activities

For the development of the students, the different activities are performed to give them practical knowledge.

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