School at a glance

The school has a 4.5 acres of land and is situated at ujjain road. The school has a unique quality in Dewas and has a large building with the spacious and airy class room.

The well – furnished furnitures, vast play ground with a different sectors of football, volleyball, hockey, kho – kho , cricket etc.

The physics, chemistry, bio, computer lab. are well equipped. The library is loaded by 5000 books and day by day it is increasing.


There are four houses under which, the co-curricular activities are held among the students, it follows the instructions under C.C.E. scheme. The houses are having the name of different Scientists :-

School Emblem

BOOK denotes the knowledge, STAR denotes the students and
GREEN LEAVES denotes the over all development of the students.

School Anthem

School Motto

School Flag

We the Members & the scholars of B.S.C.A.
Salute to
"The School Flag"

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