The School has huge building completely equipped with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Lab and Computer Lab. Library, Audio-Visual Room, First-Aid Room, Art & Craft room, Music & Dance Room, Along with all Sports facilities, where children can explore and faster their knowledge and skills. 

A.V. Room:

Audio-Visual room is decorated permanently with wi-fi system for the purpose of e-education & entertainment.

By this student’s can suck-up scholastic & co-scolastic juice.



Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer, Maths Laboratories are well equipped, here unique thing is that the students from class VI to XII get the chance for practical.



Library is also well-arranged according to the tastes of students and status of C.B.S.E. Norms. About 4000 books are available for the discoveries and inventions of different subject topics.



Conference-hall in constructed with a occupying space of 400-500 students. In which different educational and cultural program are conducted.


Dewas-Ujjain schools sahodaya Complex:

D.U.S.S.C. is a clusters of C.B.S.E. Schools, Our school is also member of D.U.S.S.C. under the banner of D.U.S.S.C. our students have also participated in various activities in San Thome Academy Dewas, St. Mary’s Convent Dewas, Oxford Junior College Ujjain, Central India Academy Dewas. Our school has also hosted the outer teams in Kho-Kho competition, Debate competition, Quiz competition etc.

D.U.S.S.C. Principal’s meeting was also held in our school time to time. We got the chance for serving honorable Principal. For this we thanks to The Chairperson Secretary & other D.U.S.S.C. members.