Principal’s Message

We need to understand the forces acting on the students growth i.e. school and the teacher on one side, the parents and home on the other and the student himself at the base of an equilateral “Critical Triangle of Education”. In the school, the role of the tracer in creating interest in and understanding of the subject, as opposed to rote learning is vital. Empathy for analyzing the need of each student helps. OF course the size of the class is a barrier, yet there are both effective and ineffective teachers. Home work, accurate corrections and patience all produce rewards.

For a student who realizes that 85% of his performance is dependent only on himself will get automatic rewards. Disciplined self-study, insisting on understanding, using techniques like meditation to improve concentration are good tools. Personal habits have to be modified towards the positive e.g. excessive sleep, neglect of healthy food, time waster – like gossip or excessive viewing of the T.V. have to be identified and reduced. Teachers and parents are only too willing to help but the effort; the inner urge has to come from within the students. Acquiring knowledge and the thrills of achievement cannot be far behind.

Ultimately it is the development of the self that will count in life. The balance thus tilts towards self study, aided by the school and the home environment, particularly for higher classes.

For this mission, We will try our best…

With Regards,
Sanjeeda Khan