Secretary’s Message

“The future of the country rests not in the hands of soldiers and merchants but in those of the students and scholars, as rightly put by”
Dr. Annie Besant.

Standing on the threshold of budding youth, a student cherishes – splendid Vision, Colourful dreams, Buoyant hopes.

Education has become the mission statement of the middle class. It is this tool , which has empowered it. This class, works hard and has made its presence felt and is quietly surging ahead for the stable future of its next generation. Globalization, the rapid technological advancements and the exodus from one point of the world to the other, all these are bringing a challenging time for the educationists. The demands of the rapidly changing world are high and thus creativity, opportunity and achievement have climbed up the top steps of the ladder of success. It is required that the young generation is prepared for the challenges of the world. The present scenario in Indian Education is a witness to revolutionary changes. These changes stemmed from the roots of dissatisfaction. The young children as natural scientists should develop a spirit of enquiry.

शिक्षा ही धर्म हैं !!

With Regards,
Shabbir Ahmed